Push Notifications


With the advent of mobile application technology, the way people transact business has been altered to a great extent. Over the past few years, the “on-demand” sector has blossomed to great heights,due to a variety of different factors. People today want a higher level of ease and convenience when it comes to handling their daily business.

Not only in the traditional sense of business, but this idea has seeped into the other corners of life as well. As a result of this shift, the idea of Peer-to-peer payment applications has come to the forefront and have continued to gain popularity. But what exactly is a P2P application? Simply put, a P2P or Peer-to-Peer application is an app that allows users to connect and transact money to each other directly without the involvement of third parties.

This is why we offer so many features in our system. It gives our clients/customers more options when encountering those everyday life issues, whether it be business or personal.