All the tools you need

Payment History

A detailed history of your past transactions can be viewed at any time. This makes the entire process highly transparent and helps you plan your finances more efficiently.

Unique OTP

Users can safely send money to trusted sources through an unique code or OTP that can be availed by each user.

Send Bills / Invoices

Businesses can send invoices and bills to their customers automatically at a set date and time. This streamlines the bill collection process and makes it highly effective.

Request / Receive Money

Users can send a request for payment to other users to remind them of a payment to be made. This is highly useful for businesses that avail monthly subscription and periodic payments from their customers.

Send Money

Users can send money to other users in their contact list. To find other users, not on your list, you can simply search for their phone number, email address,or name.

Digital Wallet

Users can create their very own digital wallet to safely secure their funds in. Funds can be put in and taken out of the wallet at any time.

Push Notifications

Users are notified immediately anytime they receive a payment, a bill or invoice, or a request for money. You are also notified when your transaction is successful.

Bank Transfers

Users can stash their money for later use by sending the money straight to their bank accounts.


Users can chat with other users through in-built private messaging in the app. This can help keep in touch with other users and bring clarity to transactions when needed.

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Crypto Wallet Integration

With the Kingdom Pay app you will be able to dance to the tunes of the P2P movement of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Kingdom Coin, etc., as our Kingdom Pay app is integrated on the cryptocurrency exchange. From first-rate trading features to facilitating seamless movements of crypto assets, it delivers a performance that’s comparable to the brilliance of blockchain itself.

Perks of Cryptocurrency:

  • 100% Secure

  • Transparent

  • Volatile

  • Fast