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Our payment app is built to be completely secure, transparent, and provide users with the ability to transfer money from all corners of the globe instantly.

Why Kingdom Pay?

With the advent of mobile application technology, the way people transact business has been altered to a great extent. Over the past few years, the “on-demand” sector has blossomed to great heights,due to a variety of different factors. People today want a higher level of ease and convenience when it comes to handling their daily business. Not only in the traditional sense of business, but this idea has seeped into the other corners of life as well. As a result of this shift, the idea of Peer-to-peer payment applications has come to the forefront and have continued to gain popularity. But what exactly is a P2P application? Simply put, a P2P or Peer-to-Peer application is an app that allows users to connect and transact money to each other directly without the involvement of third parties.

  • Digital Bank Account
  • Pay Bills
  • Direct Deposit or Cash Load
  • Mobile Check Cashing
  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Crypto Wallet
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Benefits of Kingdom Pay

Receive/Send Money

The Kingdom app can enable your customers to send and receive money instantly from anywhere in the world.. All of these transactions are highly secure, transparent and documented.



With this app, your customers can virtually eliminate the need for cash and card-based transactions. They are empowered to carry out transactions in their daily life with the touch of a button. With such an easy and convenient approach to transacting business, you can attract more customers and enrich your business.


Accepting Money to a Bank Card

Should your users require money in their bank cards, our app can enable this process by allowing them to receive money from others into their card. It provides a lot of flexibility and increases convenience.



Not only can this app be used for personal and professional transactions, but it is a highly feasible option for non-profit organizations to raise funds. With recorded transactions that provide detailed information and high transparency, it is ideal for running a fundraising campaign and helping those in need efficiently.


Splitting Bills

One of the most popular uses of our payment app is its ability to allow the splitting of bills amongst friends. Restaurants and other services can enable a group of customers to pay their bills separately while still being able to account for every single transaction.

Why Kingdom Pay?

Global Payout Network

Reduce cost with seamless cross-border payouts made in local currency.


Increase Payout Frequency

Kingdom Pay empowers businesses to payout as frequently as desired at no charge per transaction.


True Banking Platform

Each payee is issued an individual insured bank account and Kingdom Pay debit card, allowing payments in local currency, bank transfers, and multiple spend options.

Complete Security & Compliance

Our globally-compliant secure system protects clients and payees, and eliminate the risk of fraud. Eliminate liability through fully automated payee verification and compliance.

Multilingual Payee Support

We respond to your questions and inquires with our dedicated support via phone, live chat, and email.


Full Risk Monitoring

Reduce data breaches, identity fraud, and other business risks with our comprehensive 24/7 oversight.


True Banking Platform

Kingdom Pay issues each payee an individual insured bank account and debit card, allowing payments in local currency, bank transfers, and multiple spend options.

  • Kingdom Pay Debit Cards
  • ATM cash
  • Bank transfers
  • Instant virtual cards
  • Mobile wallets
  • Spendback
  • Payee to payee
  • Merchant accounts
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How It Works

Instant global payments with bank to bank security. Nothing’s faster.

KingdomPay Membership Plans

Choose the plan that works for you and your business.

Packages Basic Premium
Control payout timing
Transparent payouts
Automate evidence submission
Collaboration notes
Deposit tagging
Technical support over IRC
24×7 support

Our features

Our App is Chock Full of Premium Features

Payment History

A detailed history of your past transactions can be viewed at any time. This makes the entire process highly transparent and helps you plan your finances more efficiently.

Unique OTP

Users can safely send money to trusted sources through an unique code or OTP that can be availed by each user.

Send Bills / Invoices

Businesses can send invoices and bills to their customers automatically at a set date and time. This streamlines the bill collection process and makes it highly effective.

Request / Receive Money

Users can send a request for payment to other users to remind them of a payment to be made. This is highly useful for businesses that avail monthly subscription and periodic payments from their customers.

Send Money

Users can send money to other users in their contact list. To find other users, not on your list, you can simply search for their phone number, email address,or name.

Digital Wallet

Users can create their very own digital wallet to safely secure their funds in. Funds can be put in and taken out of the wallet at any time.

Push Notifications

Users are notified immediately anytime they receive a payment, a bill or invoice, or a request for money. You are also notified when your transaction is successful.

Bank Transfers

Users can stash their money for later use by sending the money straight to their bank accounts.


Users can chat with other users through in-built private messaging in the app. This can help keep in touch with other users and bring clarity to transactions when needed.

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Crypto Wallet Integration

With the Kingdom Pay app you will be able to dance to the tunes of the P2P movement of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Kingdom Coin, etc., as our Kingdom Pay app is integrated on the cryptocurrency exchange. From first-rate trading features to facilitating seamless movements of crypto assets, it delivers a performance that’s comparable to the brilliance of blockchain itself.

Perks of Cryptocurrency:

  • 100% Secure

  • Transparent

  • Volatile

  • Fast